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Beavers: If you have spotted beavers that need to be removed from the lake call
Forest Wells at Nuisance Wildlife Control (405) 202-5257

Spring Creek Lakes Alliance - Start Page

Alligatorweed Flea Beetle update:
The beetle control program by the Oklahoma Dept of Agriculture has been canceled.
Have you seen this weed ?
Alligator Weed (Alternanthera philoxeroides)
Listed as a "Species to Watch" for inclusion on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife "List of declared noxious aquatic plant species" (OAC 800:20-3).
When disturbed, alligator weed breaks up easily into small fragments which can easily re-grow. Take special care not to disturb it or transport it to new sites.
Blue Stem Lake Wildlife Information
NEW - Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter
This U.S. Department of the Interior website is helpful in identifying North American bird species.
Photos & Info about the fish in our lake
Fish Survey Results are here.
Love them or hate them, you can learn about them here.
Bird Repellers
Those weird black birds that act like submarines!!
Bird Distress Calls
Green herons
They look like a prehistoric bird with their neck scrunched.

Goose Problem Article with Solutions
Goose Control

Bird control products
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